The story of Rudolph

In 1918, as the First World War came to an end, Moses Rudolph was a businessman deeply invested in a multitude of bakeries in Montreal.

Seeing an opportunity in the industry, he decided to facilitate the distribution and sale of essential ingredients to bakers and bakeries. He was serving an industry that had no established distribution infrastructure before.

And all of this, ten (10) years before the invention of sliced bread!

With nothing less than horse drawn carriages, Moses creates the ingredient delivery model in Eastern Canada. Flour, sugar, salt, fats and oils are the building blocks of Rudolph’s product list, which now has well over 4000 different products.

Owners past an present have always wanted to keep the flavour of this deep-rooted business and adapt it to the demands of a new generation of consumers and bakers. We still believe that a mix of experience and vision is required to meet today’s demands combined with a service culture that goes back to the very roots of the company.

Adapting and continuing to evolve is part of Rudolph’s DNA. It is thanks to these two qualities that the company has always been able to meet the growing needs of its customers with panache.

Rudolph, now a BakeMark company, continue to supply bakery and pastry ingredients to artisans and artisanal bakers in eastern Canada.